Your Tour Contract 
The term “tour” also encompasses holidays, vacations or breaks in one location only such as a beach resort.  The first named person (“lead name”) is deemed to be authorised to make the booking and is the point of contact.  When you book a tour the contract agreement is between yourself and Ancient Orient Journeys Co. Ltd based on the agreed itinerary and your acceptance of these booking conditions.   The lead name is responsible for making all payments unless made individually.  All terms and conditions of the booking the will be under Vietnamese Law.  Both parties are required to submit to the jurisdiction of Vietnamese Courts.
Financial Protection

AOJ is a fully licensed international tour company with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT).  Our International Tour Operator License number is 79-622/2016/TCDL-GP LHQT and our Bond Account Number is 0070000116696, used solely for compensation should we fail to provide your tour.   This is a standard condition applying to all international licensed companies and is an important client safeguard.  

Quality Assurance

With a worldwide client base we are proud to be a member of ASTA, the world’s largest association of trade professionals.   This enables us to be at the leading edge of travel industry standards to ensure what we provide, and how, meets rigorous quality assurance standards.   ASTA is the leading global advocate for travel agents, the travel industry and the travelling public.   In making your booking we take this as your acceptance of being satisfied with our ASTA membership and our quality assurance system.

Tour Price
Your tour is tailored to your precise needs which may mean more than one draft until a final itinerary is agreed.  We make no charge for this service.  Our aim is complete client satisfaction. The total price includes all elements specified.  As our tours are designed individually the total price will vary according to changes made that will be reflected in the invoice we send you.   Do check your invoice carefully including information details and inform us of any error or omission within seven days.  It is essential that all documentation details are correct such as names appearing on passports.

In finalising itinerary details we will check the availability of hotels and where possible make provisional bookings. To do this we require early notification of flight details.  Once the final itinerary and price are agreed and you wish to proceed we will ask for a minimum 20% non-refundable deposit of your tour price to cover our costs.   Upon receipt of your deposit we will make a firm booking and confirm the details to you.   

Where international flights are booked with us full payment of the airfare portion will be required at the time of the flight booking.  Booking terms and conditions that apply to your flight will be those issued by the airline.

In several locations hotels are fully booked well in advance because few suitable alternatives exist.  It is in your interests to pay the deposit as early as possible to secure best availability.  At this stage if you choose to pay by bank transfer you may opt to pay the full price rather than a deposit, thereby avoiding a second bank transfer fee.

Balance Due

Full payment of the balance is to be settled no later than 60 days before departure of your tour.  A few service providers require early payment and if this applies we will notify you immediately.  We reserve the right to cancel all bookings and the contract between us if payment in full does not reach us by the agreed date.  Late payment may mean a lack of suitable accommodation, transport or other elements of the tour.   Due to demand, especially in high season, we may not be able to secure preferred choices as well as being unable to set up suitable arrangements in time. 

If you request any changes after you have paid in full, but before your date of departure, any increase in the price is to be settled by debit or credit card.  If changes result in a reduction of the price, you will be reimbursed in local currency upon arrival less any costs that we have reasonably incurred.

Should you request changes we will advise you of the extra cost and only proceed on your instruction.  Any extra costs you have incurred in altering your itinerary whilst in the tour destination must be settled no later than three days before the end of the tour.  If the alteration involves a reduction we will refund the saving in local currency, less any costs reasonably incurred by us.  No refund will be made for any unused elements of the tour itinerary.

Should major currency fluctuations occur between booking and final payment, increasing our cost base, we reserve the right to apply a surcharge.  


We will take all reasonable steps to ensure your tour is arranged with skill and care and on this basis we accept responsibility for carrying out the terms of the contact and performance of our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers. If we fail to comply with the terms of the contract we will compensate you for any loss you incur. We will not be held liable for payment of compensation if failure to carry out terms of the contract is not the fault of AOJ, our employees, sub-contractors or suppliers.  

Neither will we accept liability if failure is caused by yourself as the client or a third party unconnected with the contract whose actions we could not have reasonably foreseen or have avoided, or any event or circumstances beyond our control the consequences of which could not have been avoided by us, our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers despite all due care being taken to comply with your booking requirements. This includes postponements and/or cancellations where international and domestic carriers disclaim liability. 

Our liability is contingent upon your prompt notification to us and in sufficient time for us to rectify any error or omission.  If we are unable to do so we will pay appropriate compensation.  If your notification is too late for us to resolve the problem we reserve the right to deny liability.

Compensation is made in Vietnamese Dong (VND) which can be changed into US dollars at the prevailing exchange rate at most branches of State Banks or local airport. Compensation or refund payments are limited to the total amount paid.

Tour Alterations

As we operate on a tailor-made basis you can request alterations to any aspect of your holiday without incurring an administration charge.  We will advise you of the cost or saving resulting from proposed alterations and, if acceptable to you, incorporate these into the price.

Whilst improving all the time, the tourism infrastructure in Vietnam and in many other parts of South East Asia are substantially less than that in more developed countries.  Your booking will be accepted based on this understanding as occasionally travel arrangements and operations can be affected in spite of efforts made on our behalf to avoid or minimise any disruption.  

Sometimes, closer to departure, we may receive information about circumstances beyond our control affecting your holiday.  Known as Force Majeure they include: travel disruption, postponements and cancellations, road works, events & occasions, adverse weather, government action, mechanical breakdown and matters or incidents affecting personal safety.  In such circumstances we will contact you immediately.  Where possible we will suggest alternative options to minimise inconvenience and overcome any problems that might arise.  

All such alterations are subject to your approval and agreement.  If any alterations involve additional expense these extra costs must be borne by you and your approval and agreement is on this basis.  If alterations become necessary because of failure of a contracted third party to provide the stipulated services, and we are unable to provide an equivalent alternative, we will compensate you for any losses incurred and seek redress from our sub-contractor(s) later. If we offer you a more expensive alternative the extra cost will be borne by us. 

Booking Acceptance 

Our acceptance of your booking is conditional upon your understanding we cannot be held liable for any accidents, illnesses, thefts or losses occurring during your tour caused by any circumstances beyond our control, or resulting from your failure to take reasonable precautions or to follow instructions given by us or our guides, party leaders or persons with official authority.  We reserve the right to decline your booking without explanation if we consider you might pose a threat to public safety and/or security in the destinations in your tour programme.

We require you to purchase in advance appropriate travel insurance and any other necessary insurance adequate to meet your needs and will assume you have done so before arrival and start of the tour.  

Force Majeure

At any time Ancient Orient Journeys may cancel, suspend, alter or withdraw a booking in the event or ‘Force Majeure’.

Ancient Orient Journeys cannot accept responsibility or pay any compensation for any loss, delay, cancellation or alteration of travel arrangements caused by circumstances that amount to ‘Force Majeure’. This may include war or threat of war, outbreak or threat of disease, denial of border entry for any undocumented reasons, industrial disputes, fire, extreme and adverse weather conditions, natural disaster, riots/civil strife, terrorist activity, decisions relating to foreign nationals made by the elected or de facto leaders of such areas; and such other circumstances beyond Ancient Orient Journeys’ reasonable control. In such circumstances Ancient Orient Journeys will do all possible to provide alternative necessary travel arrangements to ensure the safe passage for our clients. Any costs incurred are in addition to the original cost of the existing holiday and it may be required for them to be paid in advance.


Cancellations, effective upon receipt of written notification, are subject to the following penalties of the full trip price:

20% non-refundable deposit due at the time of confirmation
60-45 days prior to arrival: 50% penalty
45-31 days prior to arrival: 75% penalty
30 days prior to arrival: 100% penalty

We reserve the right to cancel the contract between us for any reason prior to payment of the full price of the tour should we feel this necessary.  You will receive a refund of any monies paid to us.  If full payment has been made already we will cancel the contract only if circumstances beyond our control make this unavoidable.  In that unlikely event we will contact you immediately and offer you the choice of an alternative of equivalent quality or a full refund of all monies paid.  No additional compensation will be paid over and above the total sum received from you.

Travel Documents & Visas
A passport with at least six months validity is required.  We will assist in providing initial details for visa application but it is your responsibility to obtain and pay for visas required in your itinerary.   Should a visa application be refused for any reason, and you wish to cancel the booking, the cancellation charges outlined will apply.  
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance appropriate to the destination, type of tour and your own health are essential.  If you are intending to engage in any activity considered 'hazardous' in any way, check your insurance carefully to ensure you will be covered in the case of an accident or incident.  We request you provide the name of your travel and medical insurance company with contact details so we can notify others your behalf if you are unable to do so.  This is extremely important and forms part of our quality assurance system. 
Medical precautions
Ensure you are fully up to date with vaccinations required for all countries visited.  If your itinerary involves strenuous activities such as cycling, trekking, etc check with your medical practitioner if you have any doubts about your fitness.  If prone to recurring illness or if you have allergies, restrictions, disabilities or health problems relevant to the tour inform us well in advance. The same applies to specific dietary requirements for medical or religious reasons or personal preference. 
Complaint Procedure
Notify your guide immediately if you have any complaint.  If this cannot be rectified to your satisfaction your guide will contact the tour manager who will speak with you.   In the event of a complaint after your tour this must be received within twenty eight days.  We will respond within seven days.  Should you still not be satisfied the complaint will be referred to our independent quality assurance consultant.  In the unlikely event of continuing dissatisfaction the arbitration services of ASTA will be used. 
Data Protection
We take data protection extremely seriously.  Personal details are used only in connection with the tour and to ensure arrangements are in place should an emergency arise.   No information is given to third parties such as for marketing purposes.  Contract details and all personal information pertaining to this are a matter between the client and AOJ only. 
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