As one of the greatest architectural sites in Asia, Bagan is often the highlight on most trips to exotic Myanmar. Between the 11th and 13th centuries over 10,000 Buddhist temples were built a part of the 'Pagan' Empire. Today approximately 2,000 of these temples remain, covering an area of over 40 square kilometers.

We often get asked the question as to when might be the best time of the year to travel to visit the breathtaking site, so in our latest blog post we thought we would give an overview of what to expect when traveling to Bagan at different times of the year.

lightbulb_outline Highlights:

  • Hot Air Balloons: They are NOT flying vom 1st of April to 1st of October. If you are going in Dec/Jan book a long time ahead or you won't get seat. You will also spend your time in the balloon with many others (up to 10 persons in large balloons) and might not get a good seat. Some say the balloon ride is too expensive and overrated, others love it.
  • Bagan owns many beautiful temples, way too many to visit in your trip.
  • Bagan is famous for its sunrises and sunsets. Although it's not allowed anymore to climb most of the temples. Getting up in time for sunrise every morning and surrounded by nothing but peaceful temples & hot air balloons is an unforgettable experience.

wb_sunny Weather:

  • November - February: The best weather with sunshine, not too hot and dry. Also the most popular months, with highest rates.
  • December and January are the absolute peak tourist months.
  • March - May: Still popular but already considered shoulder season. Very hot (40°C). Rain can already occur in May.
  • June - September: Rainy season. Lowest prices, less tourists. Rain in Bagan is not as bad as in coastal regions. Travel experts say, September is not a bad month to explore the temples, while experiencing a great lush scenery.

star_border Best time to visit:

Due to its close proximity to each other, Mandalay and Bagan have pretty much similar weather conditions. As mentioned during the months of February to April, the temperatures in these regions can become unbearable, especially if you are walking around from temple to temple. If you can, avoid these months and head here from December to April. Otherwise, consider doing all of your temple touring early in the morning or during sunset.