Sihanouk ville (also referred to as Kampong Saom) is a bustling and ever expanding city. It is approx. 185 km south-west of the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. It is seen as Cambodia's premier beach town with its long stretches of white sand beaches, several nearby tropical islands, a heady party scene and the finest seafood. This province is located on a peninsula that juts out into the pleasant waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Rong is an island in the Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia. It’s known for its sandy coves and coral reefs, like those around Koh Rong Pier. Inland, the dense jungle terrain is dotted with coconut palms and waterfalls. In the south are Jewelorchids, a small zoo home to butterflies, snakes, and birds, and lively Police Beach, a party spot. High Point Rope Park has suspension bridges, rope walks and zip lines.

lightbulb_outline Highlights:

  • Most of the major beaches in Sihanouk ville are dotted with thatched roof bars and seafood shacks that offer barbecues, umbrellas and chairs, cold drinks and more. Plus, it is a town with a great party scene with no shortage of beach parties and nightspots that go late into the night. It is also a great destination on the Cambodia Adventure Tours for recreational activities like scuba diving and boating.
  • There are many spectacular holiday locations on Koh Rong. The main tourist beach (Koh Touch) creates a vibrant party atmosphere, with lots of hotels, bars, and night clubs. The quiet, less-busier beaches (e.g. White Beach, Long Beach, Lonely Beach, and Palm Beach) offer more relaxing vacations.

wb_sunny Weather:

  • The climate in Sihanouk ville is a tropical one that is warm and humid with three specific seasons. The cool and pleasant season, which is the best time to travel on the Cambodia travel packages takes place from November to February with an average temperature of 20°C to 28°C, with the hot and dry season lasting from March to May (April is the hottest month), when the temperature has the potential to reach 36°C. And the wet season runs from May to November.
  • Firstly, we had a few short bursts of heavy rain randomly spread out throughout the peak season (middle of November to the start of May). The rain was very rare, so it shouldn’t affect your trip here if you’re planning to come next peak season
  • Secondly, on some days the weather forecast predicted rain, but it was actually very sunny, while on other days the weather forecast predicted a lot of sun, when instead it rained.

star_border Best time to visit:

In SihanoukVille is between the beginning of November and the end of February. Cooler weather, sunny most days, and not a worry in the world. Winter in SihanoukVille is the best! Low season is between the end of July until the end of October. Lots of rain. Though thanks to global warming, we get many beautiful sunny days as well. March to June starts to get hotter and more humid, but not too much rain. October sees a little rain everyday, which cools things down. Also, during many Cambodian holidays, the town fills up as well.

We would still say that the best time to visit Koh Rong and its sister island Koh Rong Samloem is between the middle of November and the start of May. During these months you’ll have beautiful hot days with very little cloud and low humidity. Take a look at these videos to see how spectacular Koh Rong is during peak season:

One thing to note is that, although it is wonderfully hot throughout the peak season, there are several advantages of visiting Koh Rong during the rainy season.

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