Cambodian Cuisine or Khmer food has a long history with a diverse range of influences from its Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese neighbors. 

The Khmer cuisine in Cambodia is filled with delicious fresh ingredients combined to make soups, salads, rice, noodles, fish, vegetables, and fruits. 
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The national dish is Fish Amok the national dish, other popular regional dishes include Lap Khmer, Banana Blossom Salad, Kampot pepper crabs, Nam Ban Chok, Khmer Red Curry, and Green Mango Salad. 

There are many dining options found throughout the country with traditional restaurants, street food, and bustling market places serving up delicious dishes. 

Cambodia is rich in waterways which results in fresh fish and seafood is a huge part of the country’s cuisine. 

Cambodians also eat more bread than almost any other country in Asia, french style baguettes, buns, and baked goods accompany almost every meal in the country.


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